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"I don't like to think about what might have happened to me had I not ended up in Beit Goldschmidt. Thank goodness it was there for me."
  Orr Shalom's Beit Goldschmidt Home for Girls, located near Mevasseret Tzion, cares for 12 girls who have suffered from the most extreme abuse and neglect imaginable, typically including sexual abuse, from the earliest stages of their lives.

teen girlOur girls:

The girls living in the home come from some of Israel’s most dysfunctional and traumatic backgrounds. They have each suffered the most severe physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, and tragedy, and were removed from their homes by the Ministry of Social Welfare. Their vulnerability is so acute that they are unable to be cared for in any other program. Beit Goldschmidt is their last chance for a better future. Because of this abuse, they find it difficult to function and suffer from severe emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties, as well as psychiatric problems, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies and extremely low self-esteem. Beit Goldschmidt's mission is to rebuild the girls' faith in their surroundings and to give them the tools to succeed in life. 

Day to Day Life:hands

The daily schedule for the girls is very structured, they know exactly what every day will hold for them and they are accompanied and guided throughout their day by our professional staff. We have a very high ratio of staff to each girl with around the clock care. As a result of this schedule and staff, the girls, who have come from a reality of no boundaries and no security, are placed in a framework in which they can feel secure and start to build a better future and learn to trust adults once again.