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Orr Shalom’s Beit Goldschmidt Home for Girls is a closed intensive care facility for 12 girls aged 9-14. All have been seriously traumatized from years of extreme neglect and physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, and have been hospitalized at one time in their lives in a psychiatric ward; their behavioral and psychological problems are so severe that they cannot be integrated into other programs in Israel and are oftentimes at risk of harming themselves and others. Beit Goldschmidt is the only program of its kind in Israel for this age group in such a small, intimate setting.

Beit Goldschmidt has an experienced and highly trained professional staff including a house mother, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrist, nurse, educators, and counsellors and National Service volunteers who are responsible for daily operational aspects of the program. There is a very high ratio of staff to girls in order to ensure they can cope. The daily schedule is very structured in order to reduce anxiety and is posted in the common area to instill a sense of order and stability. Everyone on our professional team works together, communicating on a daily basis, to build and implement focused, personalized therapeutic programs for the girls, all of whom need close, one-on-one support and supervision throughout the day and night.

  Mandatory individual psychotherapy sessions from qualified therapists are attended at least twice a week. Play therapy is often a central tool. For some of the girls, music is a strong mode of expression and for them we have a music therapist, or movement therapy. All the girls have some kind of family support, be it foster or biological. The families are encouraged to visit the girls at scheduled times, and the girls are able to speak on the phone every night. Biological family visits include a meeting with the social worker; through these visits, we build trust with the parents, which is transferred to the girls.