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Orr Shalom operates two intensive-care homes, The Reut Home for Boys in Jerusalem, and the Beit Goldschmidt Home for Girls located in Mevasseret Zion.

Each facility is home to children who have been removed from their biological parents by the Ministry of Social Welfare following serious abuse, extreme neglect, violence and traumas.  The children all have high anxiety levels causing behavioral disturbances such as eating disorders, promiscuity, violence and suicidal tendencies.

Our Goal

To bring each child to a point of emotional stability and rehabilitation that will enable them to graduate to a more open framework of care.  In the long term, we aim to prepare each child emotionally and educationally to be on par with their normative peers and while giving them the tools to be able to cope in their social, educational, emotional and physical interactions in the world outside of the home.

The Inner Workings of the Home

towelsThe homes provide an intensive and holistic therapeutic and educational environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is here that the process of emotional, physical and psychological recovery can begin.

In order to guarantee individual attention for each child and to create the right therapeutic environment, Orr Shalom maintains an experienced professional staff of home directors, social workers, psychologists, educators, and counselors. The high staff to child ratio fosters a sense of security for each child and allows them to begin learning the norms of social interaction and human relationships and most importantly, to take their first steps to rebuild their trust in the world of adults which was so brutally shattered by their upbringings.  The profile of these children is so acute that they cannot be integrated into any other program in Israel.

Educational Frameworks

Both homes run their own schools; in Reut thimages (19)e school is part of the residential campus and in Beit Goldschmidt the school is located a short distance away from the home.   Small groups and individualized programs are essential for these children whose emotional instability, behavioral problems, learning disabilities and educational gaps make attendance at regular schools impossible.