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"Every day is meaningful, and every day I am renewed with the will to care for each of the children who live in our house."
Orr Shalom's 560 foster families care for 850 Israeli children at risk, including 230 such children with special needs. Each Orr Shalom foster family takes up to three children at risk into their home, caring for some of Israel's most vulnerable and abused children. They provide for all of the day to day needs of these children, from food, clothing and medical care to after-school etracurricular activities and homework help. They give these children everything a parent gives their child, with unconditional warmth and love.   Orr Shalom supports these parents with a team of psychological and therapeutic professionals who provide their services to the children and foster parents. We have four foster centers in Central Israel, and foster program staff specific to each of our foster programs. These include our Arab Foster Program for vulnerable Arab-Israeli children, and our Special Needs Foster Program for children with physical and mental disabilities who have suffered abuse or tragedy.