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"Therapeutic Foster gave me the extra support I needed - today I can finally begin thinking about a normal life."
Since 1994, Orr Shalom has run a special Therapeutic Foster program for 110 families who care for around 180 children from all over Israel. These children were removed from their homes by the Social Welfare Services after suffering repeated abuse and neglect at the hands of their parents. This abuse was so severe that it resulted in mental and physical deficiencies. Each child in this program has a psychiatric profile. Orr Shalom's professional staff closely supervises the children and their foster parents. Each child has a personalized therapeutic program, including psychiatric care, psychotherapy, and any other therapies – for example animal therapy, art therapy, and play therapy – that might be necessary.We also provide private educational support. The aim of the Therapeutic Foster program is to ensure that the children are able to lead as normal a life as possible. Until Orr Shalom established this program in 1994, children at risk with psychiatric profiles lived in medical institutions and had no help of a normal family life. Therapeutic Foster marked a revolutionary change in the way these children were cared for. The Therapeutic Foster families go through a rigorous selection and training program before having children placed in their care. They then receive weekly supervision from an Orr Shalom social worker and other support from our professional team according to need. They also receive support at our Therapeutic Foster Center. The Therapeutic Foster Center in Mevasseret, gives these children and their foster parents a supportive base, and a neutral, suitable space to have all their therapeutic sessions and supervision visits. The Therapeutic Foster program won the JDC-Ashalim Award for Excellence in February 2011.